December 21, 2020

You can give your groom’s wedding cufflinks

Ok, ladies you’ve thought long and hard about what to gift your guy for your big day, and we did the legwork for you. Two words: wedding cufflinks. Sure, it may come off as cliché, but our argument comes well-backed. A set of cufflinks, no matter the style, lasts a lifetime, meaning plenty of post-wedding wear on his part and a worthwhile investment on yours.

Plus, major reality check: Your groom’s wedding day fashion is JUST as important as yours. Add to his ensemble in style with something that complements your bridal bling, or even his wedding ring. And, if he doesn’t consider himself much of a jewelry guy, there’s still a personalized set of cuff accessories with his name or initials, quite literally written on them.

Not sold yet? Well, we rounded up fitting picks for every groom’s style. For the classic gent, there’s mother of pearl set against silver, or simple black onyx against gold. The sentimental guy will love cufflinks decked out with his initials, or a compass design that commemorates your many upcoming adventures so corny, yet so cute. Seemingly too cool for cufflinks?

He’ll think again once he tries on Alexander McQueen’s nontraditional skull set. And not to spoil too much, but we even found an ultra incognito pair that fits a small note lay your love out on paper!.Forget heart on the sleeve these wedding cufflinks make for much more mod big-day wear, while still screaming.

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