December 17, 2020

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When the Croatian mercenary soldiers of the 17th century  tied scarves around their necks to hold the opening of their shirts together, the Bow Tie was born. The upper classes in France, who were considered to be leaders in the fashion industry of the time, used the word cravat  to denote this clothing accessory. Honor de Balzac, the noted French novelist, even wrote a book about bow ties.

After the appearance of the cravat, there is some speculation as to how the bow tie evolved. There is some uncertainty regarding if it evolved into both the bow tie and the necktie, or if it gave rise to the bow tie first and then the necktie evolved from that. Typically, a bow tie is hand-tied and is often referred to as a “freestyle” tie, a “self-tie”, or a “tie-to-tie.” They are usually manufactured from cotton, polyester, silk, or a fabric blend.

Thicker fabrics such as wool are not typically used in bow tie manufacture.The traditional bow tie is usually manufactured in fixed lengths so it can be purchased in different sizes depending on the person’s neck size. Typically, the length will vary from 14 to 20 inches, just like the neck size of a shirt. Adjustable bow ties are also available for wearing to less formal affairs when the collar of one’s shirt is to be turned down.

A later invention that helped curb production costs is the “One-Size-Fits-All” or adjustable type bow tie.Additionally, there are two other styles available in the clothing industry specifically, the “clip-on” and the “ready-tied” bow ties. The former has a band that wraps around the neckline under the collar and attaches in the back, whereas the latter clips on to the shirts collar points. Though both are effective for events requiring the wearing of a bow tie and a turned down collar, they are considered to be a faux pas where the traditional wearing of a bow tie is concerned.


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