December 18, 2020

Why is the suit strap so popular

In the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, straps were very popular, and there were many men wearing them in movies and street newspapers. But with the changes of the times, people are more and more advocating simplicity, and more and more men no longer like straps.

However, Xiao Bian here is recommended for men to use the strap to match, whether it is a suit or daily, the strap is very good match. First of all, men should know that the strap is divided into two types: braces and suspenders. Although Chinese is a strap, the two are very different. Braces are often used in conjunction with some more formal clothing, like a suit. Suspenders are used to match some of the everyday, more casual outfits, whether it’s a pair of shorts on a hot summer day or a pair of slim trousers in the cold winter.

There is also a difference between the choice of color and pattern. Braces generally choose some net color, the color will not be too exaggerated, and most braces will not choose the design. If there is a pattern, it will also be a pattern that is easy to match with the public, such as plaids, horizontal stripes, and the like. Because most of the suits are going to attend some serious and serious occasions, the straps should not be too patterned in design, which makes people look unfair.

Suspenders are used to match casual clothing, so contrary to the color pattern of braces, many suspenders will design bold and innovative patterns and choose some more conspicuous colors. Because suspenders are only uniquely designed, they can show a person’s character in everyday wear, making the post-feel more outstanding. In fact, the straps are very well matched. In this era, it is not the simpler the better.

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