December 18, 2020

What occasion to wear a color tie

Wearing a suit and not wearing a tie, but not formal enough, not suitable for formal occasions. Speaking of tie, there is a lot of attention here. Let’s take a look at the color and pattern of the tie. Generally, plain, twill, dot, and geometric tie can be worn with any style of suit or shirt. However, it should be noted that the pattern of the paramecium can only be worn during leisure, and it is best to avoid using it when you go to work, otherwise it will be disappointing. Let’s take a look at the three styles of the tie: the style of the tie is mainly on the width of the tie.

The width of the commonly used tie is 8-9 cm, the widest is up to 12 cm, and the narrowest is only 5-7 cm. Ties are basically divided into three types, you can choose according to your own hobbies. By the way, the seasonality of the tie is generally very knowledgeable. In the hot summer days, it is best to wear a soft and soft tie made of silk and silk. The tie knot should also be played relatively small, giving a refreshing feeling. In autumn and winter, the color is mainly warm, and warm colors such as deep red and brown color will visually create a warm feeling. In the spring and summer, you can focus on cool colors, supplemented by warm colors.

So how does the tie match the suit shirt? There is a combination called three singles, which means that the three monochrome combinations are generally safer. Or two single flowers, you should pay attention to this kind of dress. The only one with a pattern or pattern, whether it is a shirt, a tie or a suit, the color of the pattern or pattern must be one of the other two colors. Yes, there are two flowers and one single. If you want to dress like this, you should pay attention: when there are two patterns or patterns, you must first break out the strength of the pattern and the trend of the pattern. If you wear a straight striped suit or shirt, avoid using a straight or horizontal tie. It is best to use a tie with no directionality such as twill, dot or parasol.

Next, let’s look at the basic principles of color matching: silver-gray, creamy suit with red tie, red, purple suit with creamy tie, dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie, brown, dark green suit with sky blue tie. As the saying goes, the details reflect the taste. Although many male compatriots are now dressed in suits, they are a little bit sloppy in the details of the dress. Today we will talk about the details of men’s dress. First, let’s take a look at the belt that is called a face of a man’s waist.

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