December 21, 2020

What kind of tuxedo shirt style is popular

The tux tends to get Custom Bow ties all the glory – but the tuxedo shirt deserves the credit of co-star rather than a supporting role. From collar to cuff, various tuxedo shirt styles can feature a number of subtle and stunning details. They help you  showcase your personality, and serve as a canvas for your – the well-dressed gentleman – finest accessories. We have prepared a tuxedo shirt guide to help you feel comfortable and confident in your attire and accessory choices – no matter if you’re shopping online or in store. Before we jump into the attributes of different tuxedo shirt options, we must address a common question Do I really need a tuxedo shirt?

For a classic look, yes; it makes a dramatic difference.The one instance where you can get away with wearing a dress shirt under your tux is when you opt for a necktie over a bow. Carefully consider the style of the collar and the length of the sleeve, though. If it doesn’t look right, you won’t feel right – which is a terrific shame when you are otherwise dressed to the nines.Note that the reverse is not an option. Wearing a tuxedo shirt with a suit is a definite no-no.The most formal and traditional option is the pique bib – a panel of fabric that adds a layer of sophistication and elegance. Both bib styles call for a bow tie, studs, French cuffs and, of course, cufflinks. For a more modern and perhaps less formal take, consider a plain front tuxedo shirt. This option is most versatile and is acceptable with French or barrel cuffs, studs or buttons, and bow tie or necktie.

For maximal comfort, cotton is your best bet. It’s breathable and absorbent, durable but soft – all important traits for a garment that will be covered the majority of the time.Beware of cotton blends that feature synthetic fibers. You might find yourself feeling uncomfortable and restricted – especially once the perspiration meter goes into the red zone!There are generally two choices here. Broadcloth tends to be preferred for warm-weather events. It’s lighter and thinner than twill, which is an excellent cool-weather choice.  Many dress shirts are made from broadcloth and the look can read a bit less formal, or a bit more modern, with a tux. It’s tightly woven, has little to no texture and no sheen, can be a bit transparent and is quicker to wrinkle.

Twill, on the other hand, is a traditional and formal presentation. Typically the weave yields a texture of diagonal lines with a slight sheen. The fabric is opaque and tends to be more wrinkle-resistant.Modern gentlemen however have been enjoying the elegant play of black on black too. The rules of the black shirt follow the white.Before going off script, carefully consider the dress code. You want to stand out for the right reasons.The shape of your collar is key. Not only does it frame your face but it also sets the stage for your neckwear. refers to the distance between the collar points – and the options are numerous. As a general rule, if you have a narrow face opt for a wide spread. If your features are more round, opt for a narrow point. The most traditional and formal tuxedo shirt style is the wingtip collar. Featuring two small wings, this collar is the bow tie’s best friend as it shows the full neckband. A popular, more modern choice is to wear a semi-spread collar or one that is most complementary to the shape of your face.

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