December 18, 2020

What is the tie made of —— Tie Silk

Silk fabric for making tie, fabric tie silk and lining tie silk. The texture of the fabric tie silk is thick and smooth, elastic, and the flower-shaped color is eye-catching. It is divided into plain, printed, embroidered, hand-painted and jacquard-dyed. The weight of printed, embroidered and hand-painted tie silk is 60~100g/m2, and the weight of jacquard and yarn-dyed tie is 110~120g/m2. The lining tie silk is usually a plain silk with a light and soft texture, a fine and clear texture, and a smooth and shiny silk surface. The weight of the silk is 45~55 g/m2. The width of the tie silk is 75~128 cm. Most of the pattern patterns use geometric patterns and strip patterns arranged in small patterns, and there are also a few solitary patterns using flowers, landscapes and birds and beasts. The pattern is designed according to the special requirements of the tie style and 45° angle oblique cutting. Commonly used in red, jujube, sapphire, bronze, coffee and other main colors, weaving silver, white, green, or blood, blue, pink and other colors on these basic shades case. Jacquard or yarn-dyed tie silk is generally made from mulberry silk, and rayon is often interwoven with silk. It uses plain, twill, satin and its varying structure. The printed and hand-painted tie silk is made by scouring and dyeing the woven silk fabric.

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