November 18, 2020

What is the essence of tailor-made suits

Each Custom Neckwear tailor-made suit brand has gradually formed its own characteristics, such as version design, materials, and some process characteristics in detail processing. These unique places often make loyal customers who like him fascinate and follow him. When it comes to tailor-made suits, everyone will naturally think of many custom-made brands with a long history. These brands have been accumulated and passed on over the years. At present, domestic regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions have also formed a very good customized cultural industry chain, from men’s suits and shoes to women’s cheongsam dresses, jewelry, bags, from wedding celebrations to car consumption, all of which reflect personalized customization Flourish.


What is the essence of tailor-made suits


These customized industries have been expanding rapidly after the market cultivation in the previous few years, and they are the best choice for many people who pursue individuality and do not want to follow the trend. Suit customization is the core business. We are also thinking about some things behind customization. What are the essential connotations of tailor-made suits? What really meaningful things do we provide to customers? To sum it up, there is one thing that is very important, that is, in addition to the fit of tailored suits, do we provide customers with what they want through suit customization, such as style, taste, unique aesthetics, and artistic Dress.


I care about this thing very much. I think it is very problematic if all our energy is to customize a suit for the customer. First of all, fitting is a very subjective thing. For example, in the past, our tailors felt that a certain degree of comfort in a suit was a good fit. , But now sometimes customers are only satisfied when their waists are tight, so what should I do? According to our previous experience, the fit that we believe is no longer suitable for the market. Customers think that the fit is the real fit. In fact, behind this fit problem is the customer’s pursuit of aesthetics and personality! We have been thinking about this issue for a long time.


If we still work in the same way as before, and simply determine the principle of fit in the way we think, then we are this tailor shop. Such tailor shops are full of customers. There is no need to choose. Our thinking is to give the customer the principle of aesthetics. The customer defines his own style. What we have to do is how to make this style more perfect, such as how to make this style more perfect in cutting. How to show fashion in clothing collocation. Suits can be very individual. The task is to guide this change and allow customers to participate. Only in this way can customers fully interact with each other and customize a completely individual suit. I think this is where the traditional way of tailoring suits needs to be changed. In today’s more fashionable and personalized dress, what we need to do must be how to realize the customer’s pursuit of beauty in a tailor-made way in this changing trend.

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