December 21, 2020

What is a custom suit

The important thing for a customized suit Custom Tie Clips is the version, color, and size. The fabric and price depend on your own economic situation. If you have money, you need to be high-end. If you have less money, you can choose a lower price. Suit suits should be uniform in top and bottom colors. In terms of matching, two of suits, shirts and ties should be plain. MELODIEUX Menoti high-end custom suits must wear leather shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes and travel shoes are not suitable.

The color of the shirt with the suit should be coordinated with the color of the suit, not the same color. White shirts and suits of various colors are good. For formal occasions, men should not wear colorful checkered or colorful shirts. The shirt cuffs should grow  cm from the suit cuffs. Wearing a suit must tie a tie on formal and solemn occasions, not necessarily on other occasions. The button on the neckline of the shirt must be fastened when the tie is worn. The button on the neckline of the shirt should be unbuttoned when the tie is not worn. The suit buttons are divided into single-row and double-row, and the button system is particular: the double-breasted suit should be buttoned well.


Single-breasted suit: one buttoned, tied up with dignity and openness; two buttons, only one buttoned on the top is foreign, orthodox, only one buttoned on the bottom is bullish, fluid, all buttons are rustic, all It is not chic and handsome if it is not wide open. The full buckle and only the second buckle are out of specification; the three buckles are two buckles on the top or only one buckle in the middle. It is not advisable to put too much in the jacket pocket and trouser pocket of the suit. Don’t wear too many suits and underwear. It is best to wear only one shirt in spring and autumn, and do not wear cotton sweaters in winter shirts. You can wear a sweater outside the shirt. Wearing too much bloat will destroy the overall beauty of the suit.


The color and pattern of the tie should be coordinated with the suit. When tying a tie, the length of the tie is appropriate to touch the belt buckle. The tie clip is worn between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt. The trademark of the cuff of the suit should be removed, otherwise it does not conform to the suit wearing specifications, and elegant occasions will make people laugh and pay attention to the maintenance of the suit. The way of maintenance and storage has a great influence on the shape and wearing life of the suit. High-end suits should be hung in a ventilated place and often dried, pay attention to insects and moisture. When there are wrinkles, you can hang them in the bathroom after the bath, use steam to unfold the wrinkles, and then hang them in a ventilated place.

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