December 17, 2021

What are the three secrets of choosing a tie

1. A really good tie must use a lot of hand-sewing techniques. For example, if the stitching of the surface fabric and the inside is in place, it will make the tie itself very soft and flat. When you gently pull the sides, you will feel the shrinkage of the hand-sewn. Only such a tie will be adjustable when it is knotted.

2. The tip of the tie is 90°, that is, it is divided into two isosceles triangles by the middle line. If it is not such a structure, the balance of the tie will be lost, and the overall beauty will be affected when the tie is knotted.

3. The better tie tends to be longer, the standard length is 55 inches or 56 inches (about 139.70 cm or 142.24 cm). The width of the tie is also very important. Although there is no hard index, the width of the tie should be consistent with the width of the suit lapel. At present, the standard collar width refers to the widest place at the end of the tie, generally 4 inches to 4.5 inches (approximately 10.16 cm to 11.43 cm).

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