December 21, 2020

This local maker sells the trendiest bow ties and ties

Five years ago, Lindsay Bolcar started making hand-sewn items as both a creative outlet and to make a little extra grocery money. The mother of three’s whimsical designs for headbands, hair scarfs, scrunchies, bow ties, and ties quickly became popular, and soon Bolcar was selling her wares through her business Lindsay .

Brook Designs online via Etsy, as well as around town at festivals and markets. Bolcar hand sews each of her accessories, using curated fabrics that she sources from everywhere from fabric stores to thrift shops. As an artist, she says her aesthetic is quirky but classic; bold, with a nod to the sublime; and modern, with an eye on the past.Patterns for her classic bow ties range from polka dots and pinstripes to gingham and every type of floral even Rifle Paper Company’s signature blooms.

One of Bolcar’s biggest passions is creating menswear for weddings and other special events. For custom groom and groomsmen orders, clients receive concierge design services. After hearing the bride and groom’s vision for the big day, Bolcar creates a customized selection of fabric from her studio, then clients choose their favorite, along with the style of bow tie or tie.

Matching bows, sashes, and pocket squares also are an option. “From beginning to end, my goal is to give my clients heirloom-quality finishing touches for their wedding day,” Bolcar says. “It gives me so much joy to imagine the happiness that will surround my creations when they’re worn on those special days.

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