December 17, 2020

The origin and development of the tie

Ties originated in Europe, and the tie is a product of the development of the material and culture of human society to a certain extent. It is a opportunity product, and the wearer and the observer influence its development. Marx said: “Social progress is human to beauty. Pursuit. In real life, in order to beautify itself and make itself more perfect and more attractive, human beings have created the desire to decorate themselves with natural objects or with artificial objects.

The origin of the tie fully illustrates this point. In 1668, King Louis XIV of France inspected the Croatian mercenary in Paris, the cloth belt tied on the collar of the mercenary officers and soldiers; it was the earliest tie recorded in the historical records. The history of the tie began here; from then on, the history of the costume culture was in full bloom with a long-lasting and devastating brilliance.In the 18th century, the French bourgeois revolution declared the end of the court aristocratic life. Men gave up their gorgeous costumes and changed them into simple and simple costumes.

At that time, imperial costumes resembling tuxedo styles were popular: tops with high waists, skirts naturally drooping, large The neckline and the lantern sleeves are slightly worn under the chest. The gorgeous shirt collar is gone, replaced by a collar, and the front is a black silk tie or a bow tie.Around 1850, suits were adopted as sportswear. Around 1870, people began to wear suits, and the tie became fashionable, an indispensable decoration with a suit. According to the analysis of some costume experts, the tie shows the gender characteristics of the people just like the corsets and skirts. It symbolizes two rational senses of responsibility and embodies a spiritual world that is serious and law-abiding.

This is precisely the deliberate pursuit of men at that time. of. At this time, the shape of the tie is strip-shaped, usually obliquely cut, and the interlining cloth is interposed, and the length and width are changed, and the color is mainly black. It is said that the first tie was invented in England in 1868. At the end of the 19th century, the tie made by the Duke of Windsor was a popular symbol of the artist at the end of the 19th century, when the shape of the tie basically affected the present.At the end of the 19th century, the tie was introduced to the United States The Americans invented the string tie (or denim tie), and the black string tie is a typical accessory for the 19th century western and southern gentlemen. Later, a string tie fixed by a sliding metal ring appeared, called Paul’s tie.

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