November 6, 2021

The Fashion Maching of Boyi Factory Men’s Neck Ties In the Autumn and Winter

The atmosphere of autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and the tie is a part that cannot be ignored when choosing a suit. Even if the suit is stiff, the shirt is high-quality, and the leather shoes are bright, if the tie is not matched properly, the overall impression will be greatly reduced. Kross suggests that if you want to create a strong and confident man image, you must pay attention to tie collocation.

To change the overall look and feel of a suit, the simpler way is to change the style of the tie. But don’t think that brightly colored ties are a versatile combination, because general administrative staff are not suitable for wearing ties that are too eye-catching in colors and styles are too exaggerated. If you don’t know which color suits you, you can consider the classic color-navy blue.

In addition to printed ties, woven and hemp ties are also hand-made, and their sewing techniques are very superb. A thick wool tie gives a sense of texture and balance. It is suitable for a suit of flannel cloth, and a white rough-grain is better for the shirt. Human feelings are not strong shocking surprises, but casual and comfortable expressions. In addition, the combination of brown and dark blue and gray also produces a harmonious and harmonious visual effect. Different brands have different styles and temperaments. You must choose your own suitable tie brand to show your personal taste.

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