December 21, 2020

The boom of handmade ties

There’s a new tie business in town looking custom necktie to provide unique and handmade ties to Tasmanians.Beau’s Ties is a venture started by George Town’s Beau Tuthill, who came up with the idea while on holiday in Croatia in 2017.I was sitting down as blokes tend to do in shops with their partner, I looked over and saw these boxes that grabbed my attention with boutique handmade ties,” he said.

I had a look at them and joked saying ‘maybe I can make ties when I go home to fund our future trips.Mr Tuthill said a strength of his business was being able to hand make speciality ties for events such as weddings that require a particular tie made in bulk.

People having weddings really like the idea of Beau’s Ties because a couple of times I’ve met up with them couples and gone shopping for fabric so they can match the bridesmaids dresses with the exact fabric and I can make ties and bow ties and pocket square out of that,” Mr Tuthill said.That’s kind of my niche which sets me aside from you’re bigger department stores. I really like doing the weddings because you get back photos from people, it’s the most important day of their lives, and they’re all wearing my ties.

It’s really nice.Mr Tuthill’s said the business’ first public appearance was at Hobart’s Tasmanian Handmade Market, he said it was a big learning experience but the ties were well receive.My partner, Rhiannah Bajaky joked and said ‘you could call it Beau’s Ties’, that’s where the idea came from.Since then, Mr Tuthill has slowly been developing his skills with a sewing machine to craft quality ties.I’ve made plenty of ties out of really cheap material, they were quite terrible and it took me a long time, pretty much because I had no previous experience,” Mr Tuthill said.”I’ve made a lot of mistakes but learnt a lot. It’s definitely a lot easier now than when I started.”

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