December 18, 2020

Small handkerchief has many functions

In addition to environmental protection, handcuffs have other useful features. Handcuffs are a very fashionable item, and all major international brands also have the design and production of handkerchiefs. Celebrities from all walks of life will carry handcuffs instead of paper towels when attending important occasions.

And for women, carrying a handcuff can also prevent light. In Japan, because many places are tatami, many women will cover their feet with their hands after squatting to show their elegance.Handcuffs can be used to replace paper towels to ensure health. In fact, some tissue factories use bleach in order to make the paper towels whiter and brighter, and also add carcinogens such as brighteners and brighteners in an uncontrolled manner.

Using this paper towel to wipe your mouth, wipe your face and wipe your hands, carcinogens may slowly enter the human body and quietly invade people’s health. In addition, handcuffs can even serve as a first aid in times of crisis. If you encounter a bruise, you can use it to stop bleeding and disinfect the wound.

In a fire, wet the handkerchief and cover your mouth and nose to prevent smoke from being inhaled.If you are worried about not buying a favorite handcuff, you may wish to DIY yourself. Go to the fabric market to find the right material, then cut and lace your own, and finally draw the pattern you designed. A unique product was born.

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