December 18, 2020

Scarves have extraordinary uses on different occasions

Imagine, when the opposite person came over an acquaintance, but not very familiar, in the middle of the process of the two people entering, it is actually very embarrassing, say hello, I feel afraid that the other party has forgotten you, do not say hello and shoot no Suitabl.

In the middle of the process, if there is a scarf on the neck, you can pretend to finish the scarf, then walk into the back and see the situation, this time the scarf is not a very good saver.There is also a girl who is very similar to your clothes when you come across the opposite side.

You see it far away, then look down at the scarf and escape the shackles in this way. Is the scarf still very useful? Based on my years of experience, I told myself that the scarf is actually not only warm in winter, but in fact, she can sometimes be a link, and the bag looks like you feel very casual.

Solid color scarf, gray is more advanced, suitable for women who have been in the workplace for many years, and bright colors, more are lightly mature women, but there are wonderful things to match.

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