Wholesale Cheap Various  Color Dot Men’s Polyester Bow Tie

Wholesale Cheap Various  Color Dot Men's Polyester Bow Tie

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Wholesale Cheap Various  Color Dot Men’s Polyester Bow Tie. Classical Pure color polyester woven bowtie with tough tape and strong metal clasp.


Size: 12 CM x 6 CM; Fashion Accessory – Custom Dot Mens Bow Tie;
Material: 100% polyester or silk ;softness and comfort;
Color/Pattern: Dot pattern or As Your Request;
Packaging: One Bowtie One Poly Bag or One Gift Box;
Sample Time: 7-10 Days; Product Time: 15-20 Days;
Shipping: By Express Sea Air or As Your Request;
Place of Origin: Shaoxing, Zhejing, China;


Send email to us by business7@boyifashion.com or WhatsAPP +86-13967503683

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