Factory Cute Pet Dog Neck Ties Wholesale

Factory Cute Pet Dog Neck Ties Wholesale

General Details


A real  fabric performs to keep you more presentable while offering a delicate drape and gorgeous sheen. Skilled in handcraft.


Size: (25-40) CM x (3-5) CM; Fashion Accessory – Cute Pet Dog Ties;
Material: 100% polyester or silk;softness and comfort;
Feature: The Paisly Flower Strip Plaid or Other Theme Ties; Bright Color Woven Series; Exquisite Brand Bag Packaging; Perfect for Gift Collection Under 10 dollars;


Enough styles enough to style personality – folded to be worn in the pet as a Normal Casual Tie or wear it in going out to parties, walks, dates, and shopping ; .
Great for Gift Ideas: Thanksgiving Day collection; Christmas and New Year presents; Bride & bridesmaids dress Accessories; Popular items for mother’s day and birthdays…


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