December 21, 2020

Precautions for wearing a correct tie

For others, they’re a way to say to the world, I dressed up.Regardless of how you feel, there’s no arguing neckties are a great way to add personality into your outfit.But let’s be honest, it’s 2019. Ties are no longer an everyday item of clothing for most.Navy blue, charcoal and a dark red are all colours that are easy to mix and match and go with most suiting,” she says.Personally, I always thought you shouldn’t wear patterned ties with patterned shirts, but according to Hope, that’s nonsense.

I love mixing patterns. It can be an easy way to make a suit work for cocktail parties and events,” she says.There are, like, three occasions in a year I can think of that you might want to wear a tie.So, you’d be forgiven for forgetting the basics.If you don’t yet own a tie and you’re not sure where to start, Hope says you should opt for one or two ties in silk or a knitted fabric.Rest assured, we’ve put together a handy guide that you’re sure to keep coming back to.

If you’re older than someone about to attend a Year 10 formal and you’re asking the question WHEN you should wear a tie, the answer you’ll know.In fact, most occasions that require you to wear a tie usually implicitly state it.Personal stylist Alarna Hope says that ties are generally reserved for formal and business occasions.That means some workplaces, job interviews, milestone birthdays, weddings, funerals and for some, court.But like most things, wear one whenever you feel like.

Gilles Du Puy is fashion designer with a particular knack for ties.He says that more people are wearing them out of choice, rather than necessity, because they’re no longer the norm for work.Ties are also a great option for someone who doesn’t like to overthink their wardrobe.Some customers only wear white shirts, for instance, and their only trademark is either socks or flamboyant tie,” Du Puy says.

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