December 16, 2020

Men wear ties in matching colors

As one of the most important accessories for men, the tie has been torn over the choice of men’s tie brand. Nowadays, there are many styles of neckties. Today, boyi neckties roughly classify the colors of neckties, and give reasonable Suggestions for the color matching of men’s ties for your reference.

Men wear ties in matching colors

  1. Color:

The color that is right on the color wheel. If red and green, green and orange, complementary color can form bright contrast, can receive remarkable effect sometimes.

  1. Similar colors:

The adjacent color on the color wheel. If red matches orange or fuchsia, yellow matches grass green or orange. The color scheme is soft.

  1. The same color:

Same color, but different shade and depth. With the color suitable appears soft and refined, if the clothing material is exquisite, stands obviously noble.

Warm and cool colors:

Similar colors include warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and cool colors (green, blue, and purple). Designers tend to use 2 or 3 related colors to construct the theme, choosing 2 warm colors and 1 cool color or 2 cold and 1 warm to create dynamic harmony. For example, a navy suit, a light blue shirt, and a red tie with blue diagonal stripes.

  1. Middle color:

Deep light white, black and grey. For instance cream-colored card a few pants, white shirt and grey sweater match, although look not vivid, not make public, but be worth aftertaste.

  1. Seasonal colors:

A certain color suits a particular season. For example green suits spring, blue suits summer, rust, brown, wine red suits autumn to wait.

  1. Visual illusion color of light and shade:

Bright colors make the problem appear prominent, while dark colors have a backward effect, so thin people look better in bright colors and fat people look better in dark colors.

The above seven types of colors are divided into different categories. Generally speaking, the color of tie should be relative to the color of wearing. You can choose the suitable color of tie for men according to your existing clothing color, season and other factors. Hanson tie will continue to provide new men’s tie matching renderings for your reference.

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