December 18, 2020

Let you know the little knowledge of the tie as soon as possible

Whether you are touching the tie for the first time, whether it is a little troublesome for the troublesome tie, then the following small points will let you know the tie as soon as possible and find the tie that suits you.

1. Variety: The variety of custom ties can be divided into jacquard tie, printed tie, cotton tie and knit tie. In addition, hand-painted ties and embroidered ties are considered treasures.
2. The pattern of the tie: a variety of patterns, but common can be classified into five categories
Diagonal strips: The pattern of the pattern is expressed as a left or right, 0.5-1 inch diagonal strip, which is a traditional tie pattern, serious and dignified, often used in formal occasions.
Space pattern class: It has a diffuse pattern, and the pattern is surrounded by equidistant blanks, which is most suitable for outings or friends.
Unflavored material: It is characterized by no flowers and only the original color of the fabric. If it is matched with the blue and green monochrome suit, it has a solemn and majestic sense and is suitable for the accessories of the suit uniform.
Paisley: Paisley is a city famous for its fabrics in Scotland. Its product patterns have local characteristics, and the patterns are more vortex-shaped, which is extraordinarily lively and festive.
3. The style of the tie: mainly the change of width. The commonly used width is 8-9 cm, the width is up to 12 cm, and the narrow is only 5-7 cm. In China, the width of the male tie is 8-8.5 cm. The female tie is 7-8 cm. This change often changes with the width of the collar of the suit and the collar of the shirt. The collar of the suit and shirt widens and the width of the tie widens.

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