December 21, 2020

Incredible designer scarf collection

Whether it’s her trusty Launer handbags, Cornelia James gloves or her patent leather shoes, Her Majesty certainly knows what she likes! The same goes for her stunning collection of headscarves, which the Queen is regularly seen wearing  particularly at the Royal Windsor Horse Show and other outdoor occasions where she chooses to dress a little more casually. \

Her designer of choice for the silk accessory is none custom scarf other than French fashion house Hermès, whose iconic scarves have been individually screen-printed since the  and as the brand originated making harnesses and bridles for horses, we’re not surprised Her Majesty is so loyal to it.  Queen stayed true-to-form in a number of chic headpieces from the fashion house, from pretty floral prints to classic equestrian motifs.

It’s thought that many of her scarves are custom-made or vintage, but new-season versions can be bought from the designer from Once again the Queen is something of a trendsetter, too, since headscarves have made a definite comeback in recent seasons – models at Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Tom Ford all wore modern versions on the summer runways.What’s more, Hermès is certainly a royally-approved designer.

Of course, Grace Kelly, who had recently become Princess Grace of Monaco, was memorably photographed carrying what’s now known as the at the time, it was thought that she had used the bag to disguise her pregnancy. Both the Queen and Princess Margaret have also worn the headscarves on British postage stamps, and the Duchess of Sussex has been spotted carrying Hermès bags in the past, too. We love a royal style tradition!

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