December 18, 2020

How to wear a men’s suit vest

The suit vest can also be worn outside, and the men are not surprised. From now on, the style of wearing can add a style. A white shirt base with a brown suit vest. The vest’s modification makes the figure look tall and powerful, and it is very good for work clothes. Brown is very stylish, with a brown tie and a pair of dark trousers, handsome and stylish. Gray is very low-key, and very versatile.

Use a white shirt for the inside, with a gray suit vest, slim and handsome. Plus a day of tie, you can wear to go to work. This season in autumn, just wear it, it won’t be too cold or too hot. If you have pants, choose a pair of gray trousers, so the overallity will be more coordinated. Pair it with a pair of black leather shoes. The dark gray is very gentleman and squat, a white shirt for the inside, plus a tie, it is very appropriate to choose this kind of collocation to go to the party.

For pants, it is recommended to choose a dark color, so that the overall coordination is more. If you choose shoes, you can choose leather shoes. Of course, you should choose dark colors. The inside can be adjusted slightly, and the gray shirt is also a very good choice. The matching of the vest is very simple, and the color of the vest has many options. When changing seasons, the temperature is high and low, so it is very suitable to wear.

If it is cold, add a suit jacket or a jacket. The most important thing is that the suit vest has a good finishing effect. You can use a suit vest to shape the tall and straight posture, so that the whole person looks more spiritual. This kind of full-featured mix is easy to leave a good impression, whether it is wearing a work or a party. It is not difficult to choose the matching shoes and pants. Try to choose the same color system.

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