December 18, 2020

How to use the bow tie on different occasions

I dare say that only men who wear a tie style are the overwhelming majority. No matter what the occasion: the workplace, the wedding banquet or the high-end restaurant, just take a bow tie. In fact, there are many kinds of ties to tie, and the suitable occasions are not the same.

For example, the Windsor knot is suitable for formal occasions and the four-handed knot is suitable for casual occasions. The student knot is more suitable for students to use or when the shape is needed. Let’s talk about the playing styles of several common ties and the occasions that suit them separately.

Go back and forth around C in a forward and backward direction, then cross B to the left, then back through the AB intersection, and go straight forward through the loop that you have made. After slightly adjusting the shape, push the bow tie up to the neckline of the shirt.Percentage HOW Tip。

The Windsor knot is more complicated, the knot is larger, and the inverted triangle is inverted when finished. Therefore, if you want to hit the Windsor knot, it is recommended to use a tie with a relatively thin material.

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