February 14, 2022

How To Match Silk Scarves

Teach you how to match silk scarves

Plain clothes with plain silk scarves. Contrast matching methods of the same color can be used, such as a black dress with a neutral-colored silk scarf, which has a strong overall sense, but careless matching will cause the overall color to be bleak; a contrasting color matching method of different colors can also be used; in addition, the same color, different The texture is also very coordinated.

When there are prints on clothes and silk scarves, the matching colors should be divided into “main” and “auxiliary”. If the clothes and silk scarves are directional printing, the printing of the silk scarf should avoid repeating the printing of the clothes, and also avoid the same direction as the stripes and plaids of the clothes. Simple striped or plaid clothes are more suitable for non-directional printed silk scarves.

Print clothes with plain silk scarves. You can choose a certain color on the clothes print as a silk scarf color. Or, choose the most obvious color on the clothes, and use the contrasting color of this color to choose a suitable silk scarf. Both methods work well.

Plain clothes with printed silk scarves. The most fundamental guideline is that at least one color on the scarf must be the same color as the dress.

How to match yellow clothes with a scarf?

Navy blue, dark green, black and white stripes, pure black, dark red and dark purple long scarves are all good choices and are more fashionable. Of course it also depends on your skin tone. If you have a dull complexion, it is recommended that you use a black and white striped scarf. White with yellow effect gives a fresh layering.

What color scarf goes well with an orange coat?

An orange coat with a warm-colored scarf. Matching white or black is still classic. White is a versatile color for cool people. It is suitable for green, purple, etc. with any color. Richer colors can also be used. The popular theme this year is still to mix and match orange with dark gray long scarf, which is dignified and generous. .

What kind of scarf should go with a pale pink woolen coat?

Light-colored scarves are more suitable. If your coat is short, you can choose dark purple for the scarf, which is both a popular color and elegant. At the same time, it has a strong visual contrast with light pink, but it will be very integrated in the color system and will not be abrupt. If it is a long coat, in addition to the dark purple scarf, you can also choose a beige silk scarf. Do not choose a thicker scarf that will look bloated.

What color scarf should go with a black and white coat?

Don’t believe in “universal” black, almost everyone believes that black is a versatile color. A black jacket with a black scarf will not work well if the complexion is dull. White with black and red with black are the most classic. Black, white and pure yellow, green and purple scarves will make you stand out from the crowd.

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