December 21, 2020

How to make a good bow tie

One of the most popular bow tie styles for men, it is suitable for almost all kinds of tie.The bow hole formed under the bow tie is required to make the two sides even and the lining of the hole is generally only a silk tie. The double ring and a fine tie can be combined with the double ring knot to create fashion. Feeling, suitable for young office workers. The feature of the bow tie is that the first lap will be slightly exposed outside the second lap, but it should not be deliberately covered.

The Windsor knot is suitable for wide-necked shirts, and the bow tie should be developed horizontally. Should avoid the thick material of the tie, the bow tie should not be too big, such a bow tie is easy to have a kind of elegant and grand feeling, suitable for formal activities. The bow tie should be used on plain and silky ties. If it is paired with a large lapel shirt, it is not only suitable but also has a sense of honor. It is suitable for romantic button collar and pointed collar shirts with romantic texture soft and fine tie.

Reserve a long space on the wide side and fit together as close as possible on the second lap. This perfect knot is the easiest to use in all bow ties. It is suitable for all styles of romantic shirts and ties. Romance is a kind Therefore, it is suitable for the neckline and shirt of various romantic series. After completion, press the wide side under the bow tie to reduce the knot shape. The narrow side can also move it to the left and right to make a small part appear on the wide collar.Also known as the coachman knot, it is suitable for thicker neckties.

It is best for shirts with standard and button neckline. Fold the wide side at 180 degrees from top to bottom and hide the fold at the rear. The length of the tie is the most common type of knot. This type of knot is also called semi-Wensa knot. It is very elegant and rare. It is also more complicated to use. It is easier to use with a fine tie. It is most suitable for matching with a romantic pointed collar and a standard neckline.

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