November 18, 2020

How to customize your business suit

For business people, custom suits and Custom Suspenders attire reflect your taste and strength. Men’s clothing is a recognition of value. In addition to language communication, judging people by their appearance is not derogatory. Ready-made clothing is a person’s clothing. High-level customization reflects personality and dignity.All successful people will go through such a process of leaving the brand behind. In the gloom of the global economic crisis, American economist George Taylor’s “skirt code” may not have been reflected in women, but the crisis has already affected men’s clothing, and they will buy clothes more carefully than ever. Confident and styled formal wear can cheer yourself up-custom-made jackets with top fabrics are one of the ways to invest in personal image. Nowadays, successful people in China are also beginning to understand the charm of haute couture clothing, which means unimaginable luxury and exquisiteness and a long series of complicated procedures.

How to customize your business suit

In the custom suit club, the tailor will first assist guests in choosing among more than a thousand imported fabrics. Each guest is usually screened according to the season and personal preferences. For example, delicate and soft wool cashmere is currently the more popular noble fabric in customized suits. The blended textile of 85% wool and 15% cashmere makes it superior in comfort, gloss and drape, and the finished garment is noble and elegant . Appropriate suit evaluation criteria Among the many elements of advanced customization, the shape of the garment is undoubtedly the most core magic weapon. Taking into account the influence of the Chinese body shape on the customization, the most classic British style with double-breasted and spear collar is undoubtedly the most suitable for European bodybuilding, but it is not suitable for Orientals. Therefore, tailored menswear can choose a suit style that is more suitable for the physical characteristics of the Chinese. For guests of all shapes and sizes, the popular ones may not be the most suitable for them.


Everyone needs to communicate with the master in detail and tell the dressmaker the style and style you want, as well as the visual experience you want to convey to others. The master will recommend you the best solution based on your occupation and temperament, hobbies, and the main purpose of custom-made suits. When measuring the body, you should communicate with the master in details, such as like smoking a cigar, wearing a watch on the left wrist, and dislike the buckle. These details will also be considered. Generally speaking, the master measures the size of more than ten parts at least, and cuts them into paper patterns according to the style selected by the customer. In the subsequent hand-cut fabrics, in order to cope with the changes in the body shape of the guests in the future, modified fabrics will be reserved in the gaps of each suit. Communicating with the tailoring master is a crucial step in customizing a suit.


In the customization process, in order to ensure the fit of the customized suit, the general customer will be asked to try two or three times. After finishing the work, pay attention to the fit and comfort of the suit, and whether the pants cover the shoes and the drape of sitting down. When all the modifications are completed, the master crafts the button holes by hand and uses the best silk thread. Another thing that is worth looking forward to on each set of handmade custom suits with serial numbers and corresponding records is embroidering the customer’s name on the appropriate part, showing a unique customized service. The complex details about custom suits ultimately determine a reality. Advanced customization means that a team serves a guest. Naturally, it is impossible to make a large number of advanced custom outfits to reflect dignity and exclusiveness.

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