December 16, 2020

How to choose a trendy casual tie

If dress and jewelry represent ladylike, it is probably that the tie on the neck represents gentlemanly style. In most cases what we seeing are suits, tie-in tall silk tie, polyester silk tie, and  it’s almost successful man standard collocation, can’t distinguish that whether you are a man who have grade, understand fashion and a do manual work is delicate, rich colors of cotton and linen material leisure ties have sadly arisen, have been admired by fashionable man.

So how do you pick a casual tie that suits your style? No hurry, the editor tells you the details you should pay attention to:

First, a detailed leisure tie must be using a lot of hand sewing skills, such as surface fabric and lining stitching, because of using manual suture technique, so the tie itself will be particularly smooth, when you pull on both sides of the body with a handmade scalability, and so when you are really a tie, can adjust the elasticity of the bow tie.

Second, the tip of the tie is 90 degrees, that is, the middle line is divided into two isosceles triangle, if not such a structure, the whole sense of balance will lose, destroy the beauty of the tie.

Third, the right cut and pattern and the right cloth will directly affect the appearance of the tie. Improper fabric or sewing inside will make the tie unable to have a balanced aesthetic.

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