December 21, 2020

How to choose a tie suitable for a wedding

We know how important it custom necktie is to have the utmost in personal touches for your wedding. But don’t you hate how crazy expensive that process usually is, and how you need to buy like a billion pieces at once to even make it happen? Well guess what?  Now you can get your custom initials, name, wedding date or any text you choose on just ONE tie!  One! No cuckoo set up fees either.No problem, we can do that too.We’re now offering custom initial ties not just one letter, but any combination at once in the super popular handwritten style “Pretty Script” font. We have capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. These make a perfect keepsake for groomsmen, wedding parties and any time you need to keep it personal. These are custom printed just for you, your big day, or that special guy that needs his name or yours on his tie. One tie is just  We can also add your wedding date or message of your choosing on the reverse tail for just $10 more. That reverse necktie tail is a great place to get really creative. Add groomsmens’ individual names, location coordinates of your ceremon the sky’s the limit! Actually, 140 characters is your limit, think tweet, short and sweet!)Each is custom printed to order with our patent-pending dye-based process.

This is not in any way a lesser-quality process than our regular screen-printed line, just a different process that lends itself better to smaller batches, and we enjoy passing that time-savings on to you. We use high-quality, non-toxic, “sublimation” printing ink. Sublimation printing is new — the dye is ultra soft, completely permanent and merges right into the fabric! You don’t feel it on the fabric at all like screen printed ink. There’s no thick, raised, or textured feel. Just like all of our neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and scarves, each of our sublimation-printed ties is hand made right in our Detroit Michigan studio. Choose an elegant and sophisticated tone-on-tone print using a darker print on a lighter tie fabric, or a select a black print on a greater range of light to medium tie colors.Below we’ve created some samples to show you how our printing inks behave on different color tie fabrics.


We picked one set of initials and one wedding date to keep things easy to understand. It’s important for you to know that our photos are not digital mockups, they’re the real thing! Each is a real fabric and printing ink example. We printed on a range of red, yellow, green, blue and neutral tone color families in order to show you what works well with our new process. Short answer? Any dark color on light in the same color family works great!Shown above is a navy blue print on our periwinkle standard width necktie. Just say “navy blue print” when you check out and we’ll select a good one that works well with the lighter blue tie fabric you select. This is a lovely example of blue on blue, but don’t forget to check out our sky blue tie fabric, another that will take the print very well. If you have a Pantone number you’d like us to get close to for the print, we can do that too, it really helps us to understand exactly what you’re after.


Yellow on yellow is also a winner. In case you haven’t heard, yellow as a wedding accent color is probably one of the most-trending-est colors on planet earth right now yes, that’s a word because we say so. Here we’ve applied a harvest gold print to a butter yellow tie. See a pattern here?  A darker golden yellow on light yellow is in the same color family, therefore it prints wonderfully!Now here’s where we add a little footnote about what can be slightly problematic. Above you see the same, butter yellow necktie fabric, but with a smokey blue-grey Pantone chip next to it. See how the print result looks different than the Pantone chip, it shows a more taupe than blue grey print? That is the limitation of the new dye process. That butter yellow tie fabric color mixes with the printed dye. The yellow fabric shines through the blue-grey print, making the print look a little more brown instead, as blue-grey is NOT in the same color family as yellow. This is why we caution against mixing color families. If you’re having a yellow and grey wedding and want a grey print on a yellow tie, please be advised it is going to be a warm, brownish grey, not a true blue grey.

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