December 23, 2020

How to choose a custom-made T-shirt

Custom-made Custom Suspenders is the most common dress, as long as you can wear it, whether it is casual or work, it is suitable for wearing. There are more and more T-shirts of various fabrics and various styles. Not only new styles, good craftsmanship, but also low prices. But to choose a T-shirt that suits you, you still need to spend some time and energy!

If you are not required to wear a suit and tie for your job, do not prepare yourself a few dark T-shirts between casual and formal; if your job does not have strict professional requirements for wearing, you can choose for example sky blue Lively-colored T-shirts are more suitable for young and energetic young people, and sky blue T-shirts are also very good with pants; for those who like custom-made T-shirts, white T-shirts are a must-have, not only versatile.

And will never be outdated; for fashionable t-shirt controllers, a colorful T-shirt is also indispensable, traditional small lapels, a V-neck with a thick casual style, and a rimmed round neck, Fashion stitching collars, etc., are very suitable for young people to wear now.

You can choose the appropriate style according to different body shape, face shape or personality, including the collar shape, placket, pattern, etc. of the T-shirt, or you can choose the T-shirt fabric according to different needs, including pure cotton, mercerized cotton, etc. Continuous improvements, such as ultra-thin pure cotton T-shirts, double-sided mercerized cotton T-shirts, and custom-made silk T-shirts, can make you feel comfortable and comfortable to wear!

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