December 18, 2020

Historical legend about tie

The tie protection said that the tie originated from Germanic. The Germanic people lived in the deep forests of the mountains. They ate blood and smeared the skin to keep warm. In order not to let the hides fall, they tied the ropes around their necks and tied the hides. In this way, the wind can’t be blown in from the neck, keeping warm and windproof. Later, the straw rope on their neck was discovered by Westerners and gradually perfected into a tie. Others believe that the tie originated from the fishermen on the beach.

The fishermen went to the sea to fish. Because the wind was cold and cold, the fishermen tied a belt around their necks, keeping the wind warm and gradually becoming a decoration. Protecting the human body to adapt to the geographical environment and climatic conditions at that time is an objective factor in the production of ties. This straw rope and belt are the most primitive ties. The tie function says that the origin of the territorial integrity is due to the needs of people’s lives and has some use. There are two legends here. A cloth that is believed to have originated under the collar of a British man for men to wipe their mouths. Before the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom was also a backward country, eating meat and grabbing it, and then holding it to the mouth in large chunks.

The adult man was popular with a beard, and the big piece of meat made the beard greasy, men. Just use the sleeves to wipe. In order to deal with men who do not love clean behavior, women hang a piece of cloth under the man’s collar for their mouths. Over time, the cloth under the collar has become a traditional accessory for the British men’s shirt. After the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom developed into a developed capitalist country. People were very particular about clothing, food, shelter and transportation. The cloth hanging under the collar became a tie. Another legend holds that the tie was in the era of the Roman Empire, and the military used it for practical purposes such as protection against cold and dust. The army went to the front line to fight, and the wife hung a scarf like a silk scarf around their necks for their husbands and friends, and used it to wrap and stop the blood in the war.

Later, in order to distinguish between soldiers and company, the use of different colors of the scarf, and then evolved into today, become a necessity for professional clothing. The tie decoration says that the origin of the tie is the expression of the emotion of human beauty. In the middle of the 17th century, a Croatian cavalry in the French army triumphed back to Paris. They are dressed in mighty uniforms with a scarf on their necks. They are all in a variety of colors and look very good. They are very spirited and prestige when riding on the horse. Some of the fun-loving dudes in Paris saw it, and they were more interested, and they even emulated a scarf on their collar. On the second day, a minister went to the DPRK, tied a white scarf on the neck collar, and also played a beautiful bow tie in front. King Louis XIV met with great appreciation and publicly announced the use of the bow tie as a noble symbol. Order high-ranking people to dress like this.

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