December 17, 2020

Essentially determined by style and sort

As you know, neckties are men must have accessories. However, even men don t have that much information on the silk ties. Here is a brief introduction on the common knowledge of neckties.Necktie History.In the middle seventeenth century, a minister wear a white scarf round his neck and also made a handsome tie knot. King Louis XIV highly enjoyed that attachment. He proclaims in public that neckties are a noble symbol and the upper class should wear ties.

This exhibits that neckties are from Europe. Neckties as an old traditional product are usually regarded as the foot state of noble standing. A necktie of exquisite workmanship and soft touch is a classic decoration for each man.Modern neckties.Men images are the first step to success in the current society. Being gentle, calm, and warm are crucial in the civilized society. As one of the most important man accessories, neckties fully prove that they have rich connotation.

Ties are the prizewinning award for the unique and deep inner world of men. With their long tested experience in the fashion world, neckties win highly comprehensions from men.Necktie Identificatio Whether ties are high quality or not is not essentially determined by style and sort. It depends on the material quality and whether workmanship is exquisite.The most standard and original material to make neckties is silk, besides that, nylon can also make the neckties, but with inferior quality.

Other material, such as cotton, leather, plastic, paper, are not suitable for formal occasion.Five points are taken to distinguish the workmanship of ties. Firstly, the standard tie is angle of three sections with a total length 145 cm to 150cm and the corner of the necktie is 45 degree. Secondly, the pattern is plain and elegance. Thirdly, the sewing distinction at the back is perpendicular and right on the center. Fourthly, how consistent are the patterns close to the connection. Fifthly, check whether the whole necktie has a consistent color deviation.

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