December 21, 2020

Different styles of bow ties are growing in popularity

Bow ties have become popular in the last years not only for men but for women also. Each person has a different style, that’s why we have a wide selection of bow ties for every occasion.A bow tie set the stage for an elegant outfit, but when you add a matching pocket square or suspenders you elevate the look. If you like to be on trend but you don’t decide which combination is better these are the perfect for you.

You can make any outfit look more professional by just wearing these sets. In Selini NY we have different wholesale sets that include: suspenders, pocket squares. cufflinks and lapel pin all of them matching the bow tie. You’ll have many patterns options to pick: geometric, paisley, solid, striped, dots and checkered.Solid colors, banded, diamond tip, novelty, clip on, free style, those are just some of the style we carry in our store. The banded ones are the perfect option to be worn with a suit o tuxedo, these are pre-tied and they attached easily to the collar of your shirt.

If you are a perfectionist you might chose the free style so you can tie it yourself.Don’t forget the wholesale novelty bow ties ideal for those who likes to stand out from the crowd and be different from the others.A clip on is the most convenient type of bow tie if you don’t want or don’t know how to tie a bow tie. They come with a double ended metal clip that you can fasten to each side of your shirt collar.

Quick to put on and take off ; These wholesale solid clip on Custom Suspenders Suppliers bow tie come in colors like: white, light yellow, gray, orange, brown, pink, red, green, blue, purple and other colors.For those who are big & tall we have a selection of bow ties made just for them, they are adjustable banded that can fit until 18 inches neck. They are perfect for weddings, cocktails, prom or any formal activity. Our wholesale big and tall bow ties come in different patterns like: polka dots, sequins and solid.

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