December 17, 2020

Difference in you and your apparels

Shopping is fun but for women. Do you think that this is a myth? Well it might as well be. Men are increasingly getting fashion conscious these days and the main reason is the exposure of celebrities in the media who are hyped for what they wear and what they don’t. Every man wants to look good as much as their women counterpart do. They are not willing to hide behind stereotypical attitude of “I don’t care what people think about my outfit” sort of a thing. While not all of your personality is revealed in the way you present yourself at least most part of it is.

A tie is one such fashion accessory that a man gets personal about. Why I call it a fashion accessory even when we know that sometimes a particular occupation or profession demands the use of ties is that whatever might the reason be for wearing a tie, it does have the potential to make or break the meeting on the basis of first impressions. So whether it is a social gathering or an office meeting, people tend to judge most part of you on the basis of your necktie selection.

So it isn’t too much to ask when we say that you must spend a lot of time choosing a tie for you since it is going to make a huge difference in you and your apparels. Let us start with the color of the tie When you feel invigorated about something and are much confident about the task you are going to delve in, go for a red tie. That is exactly what a red color symbolizes, boldness and confidence.A tie that is dipped in the hues of tranquility and wisdom never goes wrong with your matching attitude when you have achieved something big and yet choose to remain humble about it. Blue ties are not an understatement but it is the concealing of an inner confidence and courage that you sport and hence symbolizes the ‘cool’ you.

It does not invite competition but it just blends well with the surrounding auras.Have fun with pink ties and display the metrosexual side of you. Sport a statement that spells  in you and surprise your girl friend may be on a Valentine day.You need to be careful with the use of yellow ties since it is a bright color. Sober colored apparel and a dimmer lighting condition is the kind of ambiance where you add the spark with your yellow ties. It represents energy and undying vigor. Go ultra sober with brown but yes the modesty in brown is unbeatable and if you want to show yourself as someone who can be counted upon or someone who is game for almost anything, you could hone the brown tie.

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