December 21, 2020

Customized suit and decorative pocket towel

A pocket towel, as the name suggests, refers to a handkerchief placed in a pocket. In fact, the pocket towel began in the French court in the 17th century. We all know that France is a country full of romantic atmosphere. Most men who wear pocket towels are gentlemen. Whether they are talking or talking, they will pay more attention to detail. In general, we can see some men wearing pocket towels at some of the more grand occasions such as wedding receptions and weddings.

However, a pocket towel is not a handkerchief. Just like a lady wearing a silk scarf, it is just an ornament. Straight striped suits with casual skills, pocket towels have a variety of colors, pockets of color to choose the overall effect, that is, match. What color shirts to wear, what color coats can be used with different color pocket towels. When collocation, first find the most important color from the suit and shirt to determine the matching tie, and then determine the color of the pocket towel with the color of the tie. This method is the safest way to match, and Among the many colors, white is the most common, most formal, and most classic color. In normal life, good wear can also help you solve some problems. At the same time, it can also help you discover more opportunities, wear custom suits to be real office hipsters, and add points for our success. When people go to work, they always want to show their most handsome side in front of them.

A suit can give people a different temperament. In a sense, the suit is not only a practical warmth object, but also has been given an aesthetic concept and entered the field of appreciation. Became a piece of art. Throughout the ages, suits as a practical product are not only purely cold-proof, but also satisfy people’s improvement of their spiritual quality. People pay more and more attention to spiritual sublimation. Practice has shown that the innovative spirit of creating classics and writing legends is the eternal eternal desire of our nation.

The rising China will inevitably revitalize those ancient and eternal traditional national quintessence. Suit customization can be described as a time of birth, came into being. In many cases, suit customization often plays a decisive role. Not only because of the universality of the suit, but also the durability of the suit. A good dress should be judged from two aspects, one is quality and the other is suitability. In the case of suit customization, the fabrics can be selected by themselves, the styles can be picked by themselves, and the size is based on the size of the body, each size is your true size, of course, this is also an important condition to ensure the appropriateness. A good suit is like a piece of art. It is carefully crafted, and every process has strict control by professionals. So this is an important condition for quality assurance.

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