December 21, 2020

Customize your own silk chiffon beach scarf

The size of the beach scarf is relatively large, like custom ties a bath towel, can be wrapped around the waist, draped over the body and tied around the neck of the head. As a covered ornament, it can also be laid on the beach, while on one side it is separated by the tide and the other side can lay down. Sunbathing on the beach.

In fact, the best role of the beach is to quickly dry people’s body surface moisture, because the skin in the wet state, the sun’s ultraviolet rays through the reflection of the pool or sea water, resulting in sun drying effect will be three times the dry! After swimming,you don’t wipe off your body’s moisture, erythema, skin aches and blisters will surely find you, so when you play outdoors or swim, you must bring a beach scarf.

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