December 21, 2020

Clip style to tie again but other options exist

One reason a lot of men do not like tie clips is that, when they are worn correctly horizontally and in line with the top of the suit jacket’s breast pocket, they still leave the business end of your tie free to get into trouble dipping into you soup or into the sink while you wash your hands. Another reason some men don’t like them is, unless you are careful when attaching them, they can damage or crease the surface of a fine silk tie.

Tie clips can be quite varied. They run the Custom Tie Clips gamut from small, simple and inexpensive metal bars to elaborate, expensive designs made of sterling silver or gold. Still, just because this accessory is once again in style does not mean you need to wear one, especially if you don’t like them. I am a big believer in adopting the styles that appeal to you and not allowing others to decide what you will wear.

Of course, those in the military do have to follow their dress requirements. When they require a non fly-away tie look, one must adhere to their rules. And almost all neckties come equipped with either a loosely sewn label or a small fabric loop on the underside of the larger part of the tie; it is designed so the narrower (back) part of the tie can be slipped through and held in place. But this only does part of the job; it keeps the front and back ends of the tie from separating and hanging down in two parts. What it does not do is keep the tie anchored to the shirt.

There is a new product that might be perfect for you. it is a narrow strip of soft, durable cotton fabric four inches long, with two button holes … one on each end. Simply slip the cotton strip through the label or loop on the back of the tie, then fasten it to the corresponding buttons on your shirt.

Sold in multiple packages, three for $12.95 or five for $19.95, it keeps your tie aligned perfectly. No more ties blowing in the wind. They are available to match a wide range of shirt colors. You can create your own custom color multipack by contacting the company at . These devices are particularly recommended for doctors, because they help avoid the very real medical problem of cross contamination, while being comfortable and easy to use.

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