December 21, 2020

Choosing the best travel tie box is very convenient

Are you a business traveler with a tight schedule? If it’s hard to make time to press your ties and organize your accessories, invest in a travel tie case. Forget the extra ironing and fumbling for cufflinks  these travel cases keep accessories neat and wrinkle-free for the duration of your trip. Travel tie cases have a series of straps and elastic bands that secure contents, preventing them from shifting during transport.

That means they won’t have kinks, wrinkles, or, worse, friction holes on delicate fabrics like silk. Best of all, travel tie cases are compact and conveniently fit in most bags. To be sure you always look your best with a crisp tie, take a look at our travel tie case buying guide. We’re including our favorite, the Case Elegance Six-Necktie Travel Organizer, which has an impressive capacity well-suited for the snappy dresser who travels. Travel tie cases are most commonly seen in a portfolio style that is usually closed by a zipper on three sides.

Some portfolio styles close with magnets or snaps, but because the contents are still exposed, they’re less secure and, as a result, less popular. There are also cylinder styles, which resemble soda cans and snap shut in a wrap or envelope style. The capacity is limited to one or two ties in these styles, so they’re best for those who only need to carry a couple ties. Travel tie cases hold anywhere from one to six ties at a time.

Depending on the case style, the term “tie” is used loosely and sometimes refers to the collective capacity between neckties and bowties. As for choosing the correct size, it’s important to consider your needs. If you change outfits often and have several accessories, opt for a larger capacity travel tie case. If you’re a minimalist, you can get away with single-tie holders and ultra slimline cases.

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