December 23, 2020

Can custom-made suits reflect taste and temperament

The way of custom ties wearing a suit is very particular. In many cases, the suit is not worn out, but washed by someone. Because it is not known how to maintain the suit, the internal structure of the suit is destroyed, which shortens its life. Therefore, those who can wear a suit must learn to maintain the suit.A good suit must have good workmanship and good raw materials. For example, full customization, full linen lining, hand-made, etc. are all elements that must be considered in custom suits.

So, what is full customization? The simple point of full customization is: single-person single edition, made according to the fabric and style selected by the customer. Weston uses a fully customized mechanism. There are hundreds of fabrics for customers to choose from, and thousands of styles for customers to choose. At the same time, we can also recommend some styles and fabrics suitable for the customer according to the customer’s requirements.

For some corporate cultures that have a special entrepreneurial spirit and want their customers to have more distinctive clothing, Weston can also provide customers with designs and design unique styles that customers need according to customer requirements. Like most structured products in the world, the cost and life of a suit are mainly determined by the way it is made, raw materials, and craftsmanship are the key. In addition to providing good pre-sale and in-sale services, we also have a 2-year warranty period.

Customers can modify their clothes at any time within 2 years. The brand-new technical equipment and advanced production technology we use reflect one’s taste and temperament. In many cases, suits play an important role in most social activities. Wearing a straight suit and pedaling black leather shoes, appearing in front of friends and family in such a gesture, you will be the most temperamental.

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