December 17, 2020

Awesome range of animal print scarves

The weather’s coming in cooler and the holiday season is rapidly approaching. That can only mean one thing: it’s time to whip out your scarf collection! Whether you’ve got a whole drawer full of them or only own one or two, you’ll find that a scarf can dramatically change up your look and revive your old favorite outfits with a fresh new flair.This season, scarves are following the same trends as our winter wardrobes. That means that you’ll want to invest in a few new pieces to mix and match with this year’s hottest coats and dresses.Not sure where to start? Or even how to wear a scarf? No problem! Just follow our tips to find the best and more versatile scarves for you this winter.Relive your school and college days in style. That’s right – we’re talking plaid, hound’s-tooth and argyle for that chic, preppy look.

As far as colours go, stick to fall and winter’s sultry, subdued palette of greys, mauve, taupe, navy, black and dark green. Opt for thick, heavy materials such as wool. If you really want to embrace that private school girl style, cashmere is your best option.A preppy style scarf demands to be tied in an equally preppy way. We recommend the modified ascot neck wrap. You can achieve this by folding a square scarf into a triangle. Hold the scarf with the tip pointing downward as you place the scarf in front of your neck. Draw both ends of the scarf backwards to cross behind your neck before bringing the ends back around to the front. Finally, tie two knots to complete the look.Still looking for your perfect preppy scarf? Check out the Croft & Barrow Softer Than Cashmere Plaid scarf.Animal print has been trending all season long, with scores of celebs seen sporting leopard print coats, bags and shoes. If you’re looking for something to spice up a sedate, black ensemble, why not invest in an animal print scarf?

These statement pieces scream attitude and add a hint of edginess to any outfit.The whole point of animal print is to be bold about wearing it. So, you can don your leopard print scarf any way you’d like. For those of you who still aren’t sure how to wear a scarf, why not try the sassy, modern western neck wrap style? To achieve this look, simply fold your scarf into a triangle. Then, wrap the two ends of the folded triangle around your neck. Bring them forward from the opposite sides before tying a knot. Take the lower layer of your scarf and bring it up over the knot you created, then adjust it to your tastes.Macy’s has an awesome range of animal print scarves. We love the fringed Style&Co Leopard Printed scarf. Get a better deal by using Macys coupon code.Infinity scarves are a super easy trend to wear, especially for women still learning how to wear a scarf.

Also known as loop scarves, these scarves have no ends and are perfect for keeping your neck toasty warm during the coldest winter days. Infinity scarves complement a variety of outfits from a long-sleeved tee and jeans to a beige trench coat.The quickest and easier way to wear an infinity scarf is to wear it as a cowl. This method is great for days when you have to dash out the door, as it just involves dropping the scarf over your head and letting it fall. Repeat the process a second time to achieve the cowl neck. A third loop may be required for a snug fit around your neck.Make a bold statement with this stunning deep red Solid Knit Infinity Scarf and save in the process using Patterned scarves are a great way to show off your personality. If you’re a fun-loving girl, pick yourself out a playful pattern such as polka dots or stars. However, if you’d rather a scarf that speaks volumes about your worldliness and sophistication, you can’t go wrong with a European style, such as this gorgeous Ecoscapes scarf.Both designs are well within this winter’s trends and would make a perfect addition to an otherwise plain sweater and jeans ensemble.


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