Boyi Neckwear & Weaving Co.,Ltd

Boyi Neckwear & Weaving Co.,Ltd is located in Shengzhou City, which is the centre of necktie and big jacquard woven fabrics. It belongs to one of the 20 Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle cities –Shaoxing.We mainly make neckties, woven jacquard fabrics, garments, scarfs, hanky, waistcoats, bow ties,suspenders and other accessories.

The company is established at the beginning of 21 century, formerly known as Boyi Textile Company. We made a product positioning decisively.After more than 10 years development, gradually leading the company into a unique and high grade enterprise and becomes a company with high satisfaction in line of custom design products for buyers.

We have reasonable and complete organization,advanced big electronic jacquard machines,modern looms and accessories production line. Every year we will provide unique high end products to our customers, we have developed thousands of customized logo designs since year 2000.

We have a strong desire that we can double-win with our customer. Our products are all made by excellent workmanship, meticulous processing, superior quality of raw material, high-grade equipment and reliable QC system. Our clients are from all over the world,such as USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan.


Brief History of Our Company


2018 to future: keeping in devoting ourselves to build up company cultural style:positive energy, grateful heart, work     happily, team cohesive force.


Going to open own international website at the second half of year 2017 and plan to put in different B2B international       websites and SEO, to intend to become one of the leader of the neckwear industry by means of technology, quality, service and continuous innovation.


Aiming at establishing international credibility and improving the corporate identity, we are handing BSCI assessment   and will be approved at the end of April.2016


Got through Intertek, BV, SGS assessment one by one.


Grow up to 121 employees and have large-scale of annual sales amount, moved into a new big factory building. Design     studio department and sales team enlarged a lot.


Main products more diversified, to satisfy customers’ requirements for tie , bow tie, handkerchief, scarf, fabrics, knitted ties and bow ties, cufflinks, braces. To commit to product research and especially professionally engage in customs items. We accumulated rich experience to serve our clients to their high satisfaction.


To purchases new high-teach production equipments: automatic looms, electronic jacquard machines, automatic sewing machines, irons etc.


We are scarf & tie manufacturer of China only for Athens Olympic Games 2004


Company founded

Boyi Textile’s Vision
The company has become a leader in professional design and customized production of high-grade jacquard fabrics and apparel industry.
Boyi textile concept
Business philosophy: to adhere to the responsibility of quality, in good faith to serve customers, all customers first
Development concept: specialized market, differentiated market, lean and professional production, to build the company’s own profit ecological chain
Humanistic philosophy: loyalty, respect, mutual assistance, sharing, gratitude

Boyi Textile’s Management Philosophy
Core values: innovation, service, integrity, carefulness, win-win, kindness
Mission: to maximize the benefits of customers and employees
Spirit: dare to challenge, work hard, introspect and work together

Boyi Textile Positive Energy
Style: honest, efficient, steadfast, dedicated, persistent, trustworthy
Behavior culture: listen, smile, compliment, and be warm to others
Slogan: practical work, integrity, innovation
Motto: anything is possible, believe in the power of “believe”


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