December 21, 2020

A scarf can help you improve yourself

Recently established, it presents custom scarf simply elegant scarves with ingenious patterns, magnificent colors, and textures. As one of the newest in the business, Allure Accessories™ thrives on unparalleled cosmopolitan diverse artwork for its scarf production.Perhaps, you’ve awakened from a dream with a clear or unambiguous vision that left an impression.

If you have not, you are invited to travel this journey with me. It all began at four o’clock ante median on a winter morning in late January.A message was conveyed and received in a dream. That message was a clear picture of a scarf with a Logo, thus the Reach2Lift scarf was designed and manufactured with the purpose of helping uplift African girls.Having no knowledge of the fashion industry, there were questions of how this dream would be realized.

For weeks the idea was pondered over by the dreamer, but an inner voice kept the dream alive.Always driven by compassion and elegance, a divine opportunity had knocked with a desire to reach and help uplift girls in the developing world. With limited knowledge of the scarf industry as well as limited resources, a conscious decision was made to fulfill this dream.Hence, I picked up my pencil and first ever palette to sketch from memory the impression of what is now the.

Which symbolically shows a woman’s hand reaching to lift a girl’s hand through a globe. This Logo became the foundation on which the scarf was designed. It consists of full bloom roses, rosebuds, and stems denoting women and girls. Dreamt by Alma, she began the pursuit of designing, manufacturing and bringing to the market the Reach2Lift™ scarf precisely for the purpose intended: to help uplift less fortunate girls.

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